All the Images you'd ever want to see and more! Well, almost.

JTHM ©2000 Jhonen VasquezJohnny

Our Fearless Hero, main character and all around good maniac.

Squee ©2000 Jhonen VasquezSquee

Johnny's unwitting and unfortunate, preteen next door neighbor. Oh the screaming painful nightmares of this poor wee thing.

©2000 JCVDevi

Our girl, Devi here was Johnny's love. His heart. Naturally, he wanted to rip it out of her body and place it on his mantlepiece for safe keeping. The one that got away went off and had her own wacky little misadventure in wonderland. Yay!

HNB ©2000 Jhonen VasquezHappy Noodle Boy

He's annoying but we love him anyway.

the man himselfThe mighty Jhonen Vasquez, Johnny's wondrous creator. He deserves thanks, skettios and your undying devotion! for providing such a silly (master)piece of art like JTHM.