Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is Jhonen's email and can you give it to me?
    A: in three parts. Part the first: I don't have Jhonen's email address. I've never written to him and never plan to. Part the second: Jhonen has, in the past, placed his email address on the inside cover of all his comic books. I have recently received word that the address on the most current publications is no longer valid. Part the third: Jhonen does not currently have a publicly available email address that I am aware of. Feel free to try elsewhere. ( is a good start.)
  2. Q: What is Jhonen's address? Related to the above
    A: I don't have it and wouldn't share it if I did, because I'm mean. Seriously, though, I really don't know it. See the answer to the above question for an idea on how to contact him by snail mail, i.e. check
  3. Q: Where can I find the comics? You'd be surprised how many times I get this question...
    A: The first place I ALWAYS recommend is a comic book shop. Look in your phonebook, call them up and ask them if they have the books. If they don't, ask them if they can order them for you. The second place I tell them to look is, The Slave Labor Graphics Website, publisher of the faboo books. I loathe to suggest going to Hot Topic because sometimes you're not going to find them and you're definitely not going to find all of them, so it's better to go to the SLG website or a comic shop rather than "Goth n' Go."
  4. Q: How many Johnny/Squee/etc issues are there?
    A: There are 7 issues of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and maybe more if Jhonen deems it so, 4 issues of Squee!, 2 issues of I Feel Sick, 1 Bad Art Collection, and 2 trade paper backs 1 Johnny and 1 Squee! There are also a smattering of Filler Bunny things. See above on where to find these wonderful things.
  5. Q: Did you draw the images on your webpage?
    A: No. Further explanation should not be necessary... Check the page more carefully to find out who drew what.
  6. Q: Are you dating Jhonen?
    A: No. I don't even know Mr. Vasquez personally. I've met him all of three times and said about that many words to him the three times I've met him. I know all the weird shit I know by exploring the web and asking other people who know similar things. Two good places to go to find out information and News on the Jhonenator are Jhonen News and The Jhonen Board. Both of these things are accessible through Sunder's Site, aka Immortalizing the Moment. Of course, the SLG site might have some stuff too, but I never look there ;)
  7. Q: Are you Jhonen Vasquez?
    A: NO! For the love of all things holy, no, I am not Jhonen Vasquez. Read this to find out who I am.
  8. Q: Can you scan entire issue blah for me, I'm too poor to buy them?
    A: No. I'm very sorry to hear that you are poor but so would Jhonen be if I did that. And so would I if I did that because I'd be spending a lot of money on legal fees and the like. There's a wonderful thing called Copyright Law. Now, yes, I have a plethora of images on my webpage that I did not create however I am not infringing on the Copyright for two big reasons. The first is I gave credit to the creator and a copyright date on all pages where the images can be found. The second reason is I am not copying the entire thing and distributing it. My site is for review purposes only and the images I have posted are a sampling of a greater work. Think of it as quoting a few words or lines from a book for a research paper. I'm not quoting the whole book and I'm giving a footnote everywhere I've quoted something.
  9. Q: Can I link to your site?
    A: ABSOLUTELY!! I'd love you to add a link to my site from yours. I'd love it especially if you were doing it to say, "Check this page out, it SUCKS..." It gets traffic to my site and that's all I want. People to see what I want to share with them, fabulous work of fabulous individuals. I know I'm still going to get this question however because I like knowing who's linking to my site and like checkin their stuff out too.
  10. Q: Can you put up a picture of *insert Jhonen or Roman creation here*?
    A: Maybe. Tis likely that I already have all that I want from the comics, but some people have pointed out some really fun stuff that I overlooked.
  11. Q: Why don't you have any Wobbly Headed Bob on your site?
    A: Because I don't like him. Someone went to the trouble to make a Wobbly Headed Bob site. All Bob, all the time. That's their deal. Me, I don't like 'im. So, he ain't goin on my site.
  12. Q: Are there going to be any more Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics?
    A: I don't know. Sources are differing. Some say yes. Some say no. I'm not Jhonen. I don't know the answer to this question. Stop asking it.
  13. Q: Have you heard of *insert Jhonen Vasquez/Roman Dirge creation here*?
    A: Yes. I have heard of Lenore, Devi, Squee, Invader Zim, etc. Thank you all for trying to let me know about them, though.
  14. Q: Why do you have no Invader Zim on your site?
    A: Because it requires me to bootleg sounds and images from other websites as I do not have the technology to create or produce these materials on my own. I despise doing such. Also, there are plenty of other sites that cover the subject of Invader Zim quite adequately. I do not need to add to the mess.
  15. Q: Why don't you have Happy Noodle Boy on your site?
    A: Yes, I actually get this question. He is on my site. He just doesn't have a cute little linky thing on the side bar for a page explaining him, because explaining him is a waste of time. He has his own gallery. That's it. You want more? Make your own webpage and share you own personal vision of he what is the Noodle.
  16. Q: What does "Z?" mean?
    A: It means "question sleep." I have no acerbic commentary to add to this frequently asked question. It's frequently asked, isn't self-explanatory, and while asked and answered on other websites, it doesn't make sense to let people needlessly keep asking it just to point them at other websites. That just seems like a waste of time.
  17. Q: JtHM is so cool! But my parents might not like it. What do you think?
    A: If you're between 11 - 16 years old, I think you should listen to your parents. I'm an old fuddy duddy. I didn't get into these comics until I was 17 and by then, my parents were pretty much okay with my choice of personal entertainment. I also purchased them with my own money. Just use your best judgment. If you think your parents would disapprove, don't incur their ire by buying the comic books. If your friends have copies, read them at your friend's house and leave them at your friend's house. Don't get yourself in trouble unnecessarily.

    Besides, the last thing you want, as a young gothling, is for your parents to get extra freaked out by your behavior (they are probably already freaked out by the way you dress) and to restrict your freedom and creativity even more. You also don't want them to think it's just "a phase you'll grow out of" if they force you to wear khakis and polo shirts. And while you're at it, don't smoke pot, don't binge drink, do your homework, get good grades, and make all the preppy kids feel incredibly stupid while in your presence as often as possible. You'll thank me later.

  18. Q: What is your email address?
    A: To send me an email, use the link on the side bar marked "Email." Clever, n'est-ce pas? My email is not published on the site any more because of the 200+ spam I get a day from having had the same email address for 5+ years and having my newer ones published on various sites. I also don't generally engage in email pen-palling. I honestly don't have the time nor the inclination to start up conversations and dialogues with strangers. It's not because I'm mean or think I'm above that sort of thing, it's just not me.
  19. Q: What is your AIM screenname?
    A: AIM? Who uses AIM?

That's the extent of that for now... I'll add more questions as they get asked by you people ;)