Really plainly put, this is a bunch of random things I've published to the Internet that I kind of can't bring myself to delete or hide away. Most of it is INCREDIBLY nerdy, fannish, and, in most cases, really lame.

My cat obsession is also two-fold. I made five custom mood icon sets for public use on the open-source blogging community, plus a sixth one that looks curiously like one of my cats, Felix, for my personal use.

Writings - This website is old. It is very geeky and contains a lot of writing from the late 90s when I was just barely out of high school, starting college and not having a terribly refined writing style at all. It is juvenile, but it is mine.

CoH Stories - My geek knows no bounds. My first ever FanFic type things. All other iterations of this ilk, I usually call "character backgrounds." This is FanFic.