"Birth of a New Generation"

"When we decided to join forces to fight the Clockwork King," said Azuria, "we knew we needed a better understanding of what we were up against."

"Fighting a robot army is not where our focus should lie. We have the Circle and the Pantheon to contend with. Dark Magics that need to be repelled to protect the citizens of Paragon City."

"Yes, but our heroes are being thwarted by these Clockwork threats. They are small and difficult to detect."

The council was disrupted by the sounds of high-pitched hydraulics and the clank of metal on the hardwood floors. The air was thick with tension as the mystics, clerics, witches, and psychics held their breath, fearing what was about to round the corner.

A four-foot tall metal skeleton was what came around the corner to stand by Azuria. It looked around the room inputting the data of all the names and faces that it'd been programmed to recognize.

"After much testing and research, and the help of Synapse and Bastion, we have successfully created our first intelligent life form."

The robot took a step forward, bowed, and spoke to the assembled council with a metered and mechanical voice, "I am Kegilert, pleased to meet you."

The entire assembly gasped followed immediately by a large clamor of voices, speaking to each other, yelling obscenities, and crying objections to what they were witnessing. There were objections as to whether or not they had the right. Fears of controlling the life form. Marvels at what they had achieved.

"Please! Everybody calm down!"

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