"Challenger's Dad"

Kegilert and Fisher were finishing up fighting the losing battle against the Banished Pantheon in Dark Astoria and were flying back to Talos Island. Kegi had always followed Fisher's advice to fly really high inside Astoria in case any of the zombies got sight of her to take a lucky shot. Tonight, though, she wanted to see what she was flying over. Near Barca Terrace, her sensors picked up a large object a few yards below her. She came within sight of the thing and realized she was looking down at the top of a statue's head.

"You alright, Kegi?" came Fisher's voice over the comm in between intermittent fire blasts.

"Fisher, there's a statue here."

She knew that all the zones of Paragon City were decorated with the icons of heroes – fallen and venerated. It just never occurred to the robot that there would be statues in Astoria. She noted his cheekbones, the angle of his nose, and the close crop of his hair. His costume was simple: tights, gloves, shoulder plates – rounded like her own, belt, boots. No folds, fins, or spikes. She stared at the man for a few seconds, lingering on the features of his face and the elements of his costume. Kegilert recognized him. It took her a second, but she realized the face staring back at hers was Challenger's.

She shook the fog that was settling on her helmet and turned back towards the door for Talos; Fisher was waiting for her. He looked up from examining the soot and grave dirt on his gloves as she landed next to him.

"I think I just saw a statue of Challenger's dad."

Fisher looked at the robot quizzically and shrugged. "Okay, little robot, let's go," and they headed out to meet the rest of the group to patrol.

The gang was assembling on the islands on the east end of Talos, but Challenger wasn't in sight, yet. Kegilert sent a message to him over a private channel, "Hey Chall, can I ask you a weird question?"

"Sure hon, shoot."

"Was your dad a hero, too?"

His figure was in sight, flying towards the island and she saw it suddenly stop as she finished her question. He pondered it a second, hovering over the bay, before continuing his flight, "Well, ah don't know. Can't say, as I never knew ‘im. Why?"

Kegilert figured that his Texas drawl was especially apparent when pondering his roots. "I think I just saw a statue of him. Well, the statue actually looked a lot like you, but it wasn't really you. So, I figured it might be a relative or something. I saw the not-quite-but-almost-you statue in Dark Astoria. Have you seen it before?"

Challenger smiled a warm smile at the rambling robot, "No, I've never seen it."

"I should take you to see it some time."

"I'd like that."

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